SASE Solution Architect

What does next-generation network security software, remote work without limits and secure cloud computing mean to us? SASE! SASE represents the cornerstone of our strategy and vision: a world where (remote) collaborations know no limits, where security is tailored to business needs, and where innovation and creativity empower applications from any location in a single cloud service.  

As a SASE Solution Architect at Upright Security, you’ll be at the forefront of redefining the way organizations protect their sensitive information, using the revolutionary platform Netskope. This way, you’ll support organizations of all sizes to thrive in an interconnected, borderless and cloud-driven environment. Roll up your sleeves and let’s push the security landscape forward together! 

Who are we?

First things first, let us introduce ourselves: we are Upright Security, an ambitious company within the well-known ecosystem of the Cronos Group. When we secure our clients’ data, identity, and servers while building sincere and durable partnerships, we are in our utmost element.  

The need for a secure and safe world is growing, and so are we. If you’re ready to become a true SASE and Netskope Champion, we’re excited to get to know you!  

What are some of the exciting tasks you will be working on as a SASE Solution Architect?

What do we offer our SASE Solution Architect?

Who is our SASE Solution Architect?

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Ready to make a lasting impact and set the standards of a secure future? So do we. As an IGA Engineer, you’ll be at the cornerstone of our clients’ Identity Governance program.                    

Project Manager

As our Technical Project Manager, you’ll be at the forefront of establishing our foundations, contributing to our growth ambitions, and professionalizing the way our team operates. 

Junior SASE

As a Junior SASE Engineer at Upright Security, you will seamlessly blend networking and security into a unified cloud-based service, using the revolutionary platform Netskope.

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