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Create a secure enterprise environment by linking people, applications, data and devices in an automated way.

Identity is the new perimeter

If identities are not managed properly, the risk to an enterprise can be immense.

As your employees need easy access to information anytime, anywhere, it should be well secured. We help you take effective measures of control over access and protect your company from threats.

Information is one of the most valuable assets of a company, so you don’t want it to be compromised. Therefore, it’s really important to know and control who can access your data and systems, and at which times. All of this starts with managing identities.

Identity Governance – Identity is security!

There are several advantages to implementing Identity Governance in your enterprise environment:

  • Intuitive ways for users to request access to systems and applications;
  • Manage appropriate policies and processes to approve access requests;
  • Simple ways for managers to confirm access requests;
  • Monitoring tool for managers and admin to check if access is properly assigned to employees.

By managing all these for the complete Identity lifecycle, you increase both security and compliance. Another advantage is that the total cost of ownership of your organization often decreases by:

  • empowering user self-service;
  • simplifying the process of application onboarding;
  • simplifying audit and compliance tasks;
  • automating IT operations.

Identity Governance

  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Password Management
  • Access Request Workflows (Self-Service)
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Application Entitlement Management
  • Policy Enforcement and Segregation of Duties
  • Access Certification
  • Role Mining and Management
  • Auditing

How we can help

Upright Security can help you with the design and implementation of the best security architecture to secure all your data. We offer years of experience in the general domain of Security, Identity and Access Governance domain specific. We are specialized in creating complete security architecture. Also, in the implementation and maintenance of full-blown Identity and Acess Management solutions, including Data Security.



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