Dynamic Authorization - PlainID

Reduce the complexity of your Identity Access Management by implementing a simple and straightforward Authorization Management platform that gives you full control.

Make your authorization smart and secure

Most businesses need to manage countless access policies across various repositories, directories and applications – making it difficult for decision-makers to govern and oversee authorizations and entitlements.
Put an end to these challenges with the policy-driven authorization platform of PlainID, partner of Upright Security. By implementing this state of the artsolution, you can take full control of your Authorization Management and enjoy one centralized point of view.

By leveraging the Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) platform, you significantly reduce the complexity of your Authorization Management and the amount of decisions you need to make. You can analyze and adjust authorization in real time using the user-friendly graphical interface and scale it to your business growth by re-using policies easily.

Real-time Access Management with a dynamic authorization platform

Say goodbye to predefined groups and static decision-making. PlainID’s platform meets all your business needs by making access decisions truly dynamic. Act in real time and based on time, place, device, security alerts and other environmental characteristics and events that influence your decision on the moment the access is requested.

Why choose this Policy Based Access Control platform?

Wizard-driven interface

Easily create, read and manage authorization policies with this single point of view. In this graphical user interface, no code or technical experience is needed. You can simply set access rules based on region, working hours, location, name, title, pattern, … by using the drag-and-drop function. You can also visualize the connections between users, devices, data assets and services and quickly define what each of them can and cannot access, without IT intervention.

Holistic visibility & analytics

Enjoy full visibility and audit trails that help you meet business compliance effortlessly. Compliance, regulation and audit requirements are set in a policy and managed on the user interface (UI), the same goes for Segregation of Duties (SoD), ensuring that the right people have the right access – whatever constraints you add to the policy. Furthermore, these compliance policies are always enforced regardless of newly added applications, identities and assets.

Lifecycle Management

Using the Policy Manager, you can build and approve policies easily for all access entitlements, including roles, security groups and applications. Gain more control over access and resources, along with the policy simulator function of the wizard-driven interface.

Want to know how this will optimize your business?

What more?

Impact analysis

Use several tools and graphs to investigate policies and assets and have a clear view of who can see what, under which conditions. Make in depth analysis and gather insights on the effect of each policy.

Shared responsibility and accountability

Both business and IT teams can collaborate through delegated admin rights, placing the responsibility over access decisions exactly where it belongs.

Re-use policies across your enterprise

Save time and resources by re-using the same policy across multiple applications and services, making it easy to scale as the number of roles keeps growing.

Scalable & Technology agnostic

Scale your Authorization Management to the ongoing growth of your business. On premises and in the cloud.

Integrate with Okta’s Identity Access Management solution

As a technical partner of Okta, Upright Security can join the best of two worlds. Let our experts combine Okta’s authentication and PlainID’s authorization for your complete end-to-end Identity and Access Management service. By letting Upright Security merge these two forces, you can easily define policies that support your business rules and keep you compliant without any impact on productivity or efficiency. Fully integrate both solutions and reduce the complexity of fielding access requests across your business to one point decision, one point of control and one point of view.

Upright Security + PlainID

Upright Security is a preferred PlainID partner. This Israeli company is a niche expert on Policy Based Access Control, and offers a clear and simple solution. This partnership joins their breakthrough technology with our profound expertise of implementing technical solutions for business.

How we can help

Upright Security can help you with the design and implementation of the best security architecture to secure all your data. We offer years of experience in the general domain of Security, Identity and Access Governance domain specific. We are specialized in creating complete security architecture. Also, in the implementation and maintenance of full-blown Identity and Access Management solutions, including Data Security.


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