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As you move your data to the cloud, you need a secure way to allow access to your data. Let go of ineffective traditional security and commit to a brand-new approach.

Why you should protect your data, wherever it goes.

With more and more data in the cloud, securing these data is a vital issue. Not only data and the cloud itself, but also the way you grant access to it. Traditional security solutions simply can’t meet the standards that cloud security needs. That’s why we offer an all-round and airtight security platform for all cloud data and applications. Trust on a platform that is data-centric, cloud-smart and fast.


With a 360° data-centric approach to cloud security, we protect your data and users everywhere they go.


Monitor all cloud activity, eliminate blind spots and secure your cloud and web usage.


Real-time, cloud-native security with the largest, high performance network and responsiveness.

Secure your digital transformation journey every step of the way.

The Netskope Security Cloud provides real-time, cloud-native security whenever you access the cloud through websites, private apps or software services. From anywhere and on any device.

The Security Cloud offers a range of products to help you protect your data in the cloud.
Secure any web app by utilizing Netskope’s Next-Gen secure web gateway (SWG) and combine features such as advanced threat protection, malware protection, data loss prevention and much more.

We combine this with the market-leading cloud access security broker (CASB) that enables you to quickly identify and manage the use of all cloud applications. Use the CASB to protect any app by detecting shadow IT, preventing and detecting data exposure, enforcing business policies and stopping threats.

Make the cloud your new and secure perimeter with Netskope.

Next Gent SWG | CASB | Private access | Public Cloud Security

Build an online fortress around your data.

We used to build a real-life castle around our data. But together with the move to the cloud, our physical storage centers disappeared and we didn’t rebuild our fortress online. Slowly, companies are protecting the cloud and online storage. But are you protecting it from all sides? And what about accessing the cloud through personal devices like laptops or tablets that you don’t control? Who protects this data stream?

The Netskope Security Cloud Platform is unique in combining these traffic streams into one single place where you can monitor, assess and protect the usage and security of all your data in all your cloud applications.

What does the Security Platform offer?

Cloud Native architecture

Security in the cloud, for the cloud.

Cloud XD

Monitor all cloud activity, eliminate blind spots and block malware and attacks for your Saas, IaaS and web traffic.

New Edge

With our global security network, security is always on, always present and never a roadblock.

Deployment options

From API connectors and proxy deployment to online options.

Technology integrations

Seamless integrations with the environment of your choice.

Truly Unified

One platform for CASB, IaaS, web and private access, managed from a single UI.

Want to know how to build your online castle?

Our solutions to your cloud security

1. Secure your modern clouds, web and private apps.

Use the Cloud Security Platform to manage risk behaviour, protect data, assess security and compliance, detect threats and malware and overall prevent data loss.

What can I manage, assess and protect with the Security Cloud?

  • Office 365
  • Managed cloud apps
  • Unmanaged cloud apps
  • Multi-cloud environment like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Private apps
  • Mobile and direct-to-net
  • Any application

2. Modernize your security strategy

Have you really reviewed your security strategy since the arrival of the cloud? Or have you been delaying it, thinking or hoping you’ll have time enough to come up with a plan?
In a cloud- and mobile-first world, efficiency and performance are crucial in your business’ security strategy. Don’t risk a breach or data loss and invest in a modern security program now.

How do I modernize my security strategy?

  • Protect your data with a new approach including fingerprinting, data encryption and comprehensive cloud data loss prevention.
  • Detect threats fast and on time with a multi-layered detection platform using 40+ threat intelligence sources combined with advanced machine learning technology.
  • Increase efficiency by investing in processes and tools that are well-documented and effectively used.
  • Invest in performance, as it is the biggest challenge when implementing security measures.

Is your security strategy ready for a cloud-first world?

3. Upgrade your security stack

Just like you need to upgrade your security strategy, you also need to upgrade your stack. The tools you once bought are no longer effective and are too expensive for a cloud-based world. So, let go of your legacy gateways – there’s no better time than now to invest in modern web and cloud security!

How do I lift my security stack?

  • Boost your traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Private Access, a cloud-based and zero-trust network access solution.
  • Upgrade your Secure web gateways (SWG) with a next-gen SWG that delivers web security from the cloud while securing the cloud.
  • Change your inapt first-generation cloud access security brokers (CASBs) to our market-leading CASB.

How we can help

Upright Security can help you with the design and implementation of the best security architecture to secure all your data. We offer years of experience in the general domain of Security, Identity and Access Governance domain specific. We are specialized in creating complete security architecture. Also, in the implementation and maintenance of full-blown Identity and Access Management solutions, including Data Security.


Need help with your cloud security?