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Accessing data in a flexible way

Whether it’s a backend system, a customer facing website, or partner facing mobile application, we are sharing more data, in more ways, to more users than ever before. And this is immediately one of the big advantages of using API’s: accessing data in a flexible way, independently if it’s through a mobile or a single page app. We only have to make sure this happens in a secure manner!

The importance of securing your API’s

Unfortunately we see too often unsecure API’s publicly available. Mobile app developers often think that when the API is hidden within the application no extra security is needed. Off course nothing could be further from the truth! If an API is online, it is susceptible to abuse and should be protected!

By 2022, API abuse will be the most-frequent attack vector – Gartner

According to Gartner, by 2022, API abuse will be the most-frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.

API Access Management is the next generation of access management technology that supports modern applications.

API Access Management is adding security for API’s by using protocols like OAuth combined with an API Gateway. The API Access Management solution provides a centralized point of control with closely monitored policies and context-aware Access Management. This because today’s trusted partner may be tomorrow’s compromised system letting attackers mimic legitimate users!

Are your APIs secure?

How we can help

We, as Upright, can help you with the design and implementation of the best security architecture for your API deployments. We can offer years of enhanced experience in the general domain of Security, and the Identity and Access Governance domain specific. We are specialized in creating complete security architectures, the implementation and maintenance of fully-blown Identity and Access Management solutions, including API Security.


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