Breakfast Session: Four Myths About Credential Phishing and How to Protect Your Environment

Credential Phishing

Breakfast session


Four Myths About Credential Phishing And How To Secure Your Environment
When it comes to phishing, knowledge is power. We tend to underestimate the impact of phishing on the enterprise and assume our existing defense strategies are sufficient to combat these attacks. We’ve identified four key misconceptions about credential phishing! Come and learn how to protect your enterprise, and this while enjoying breakfast.


Date: 13 December
Time: 9:00 – 10:30
Location: Veldkant 33A, 2550 Kontich (Cronos main building) – Room 2

Join us at our table!

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Make your data hack proof

Security is becoming more important everyday. Everyone is sharing their personal information online like it’s nothing.

Cyber threats are growing more sophisticated and hackers are developing more ways to access your data. This makes it way harder for IT to keep up with all the newest threats and secure the company’s data.

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