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Secure Your Organization with Effective Non-Employee Identity Management By SailPoint and SecZetta

The Growing Complexity of Identity Management

The management of identities has become an increasingly complex matter in today’s business landscape. This is due to an ever-expanding set of identities beyond an organization’s in-house employee workforce. This set includes a diverse range of entities such as freelancers, contractors, partners, and vendors to non-human entities like software robots, service accounts and IoT devices.

However, bringing all of these identities under control is essential to ensure the security of critical resources, making identity management an indispensable task for businesses. We have observed that companies who fail to strategically manage their external workforce often struggle with poor third-party user management. By managing these identities and their access to corporate systems, organizations can better protect critical resources and prevent data breaches.

In 2021, Gartner made a prediction that highlights the growing importance of proper identity governance for non-employee entities. According to Gartner’s research, by 2023, a staggering 60% of data breaches will be caused by inadequate security measures for external parties accessing corporate systems. This represents a significant increase from the 43% of data breaches that were caused by external parties in 2021.

SailPoint and Seczetta Integration to Manage Non-Employee Identities

Enter SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management! With its integration with SecZetta, a leading provider of non-employee identity management solutions, SailPoint now offers top-notch non-employee identity management solutions. By leveraging advanced governance controls and AI-driven identity security, organizatios can effectively manage their non-employee identities, ensuring secure access to applications and data. This prevents data breaches and protects digital resources. Below we identified the most common problems associated with this issue and explain how SailPoint’s integration with SecZetta can effectively address these challenges. 

Common Problems Associated with Third-Party User Management

 1.    Lack of central overview

In many organizations, there is a lack of a centralized overview of external parties or individuals with access to their IT environment. The addition of Non-Employee Risk Management by SailPoint provides a solution by enabling organizations to centrally manage both employees and non-employees actively.

2.    No logging

Organizations frequently lack logging of who granted access, at what time, to which data and which application. This omission puts them at risk of non-compliance with audits and SOX. SailPoint’s integration with SecZetta provides a comprehensive logging solution that includes all relevant data points for reports. Additionally, with the integrated search function, organizations can easily and quickly access all necessary information for an audit, reducing their risk of non-compliance.

3.    Late or excessive access

External parties often receive access too late, for too long, or with excessive permissions. However, with effective management of the Joiner-Mover-Leaver lifecycle of non-employees, organizations can gain control over these issues. The integration of SailPoint with SecZetta allows organizations to determine exactly when, for how long, and to which applications external identities gain access, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenge of managing non-employee identities.

4.    Disgruntled identities

Disgruntled suppliers or contractors may seek to harm an organization by exfiltrating trade secrets, internal data records, or sabotaging data. Properly managing the Joiner-Mover-Leaver lifecycle of non-employees allows for immediate removal of access, reducing the risk of data breaches caused by a disgruntled identity. With the SailPoint and SecZetta integration, organizations can now promptly remove access when necessary.



Managing identities and access to corporate systems has become a critical challenge for organizations, particularly as the number of non-employee entities accessing these systems continues to grow.

Implementing an effective non-employee identity management strategy is therefore essential to ensure the security of critical resources. The integration of SailPoint with SecZetta offers an effective solution to this challenge by providing advanced governance controls to manage non-employee identities. By leveraging AI-driven identity security, organizations can ensure that applications and data are secured by granting third-party access only to the right identities at the right time, thus preventing data breaches. Additionally, the integration enables organizations to overcome the most common problems associated with third-party user management, including a lack of central overview, no logging, late or excessive access, and disgruntled identities.

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