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Upright Security is specialized in implementing the right tools to keep your company’s data safe from harm. As a strategic partner of OktaSailPoint & Netskope we have the best breed of solutions for Identity Governance, Access Management & Cloud Security.

Okta EMEA Partner of the Year 2021

We are happy to announce that we have won the Okta EMEA Partner of the Year Award. At Upright Security, we continue to deliver value to our customers through new integrations, certifications and services.

Over the past year, we made significant investments in getting our reps Okta trained and certified. Our deep technical knowledge of the Okta Identity Cloud has allowed us to successfully take on large and complex deployments within EMEA for Workforce Identity, CIAM, and OAG.

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How Upright Security implemented a customer identity solution for the Royal Belgian Football Association

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Our team of Identity and Access Management professionals are on standby to help you protect your environment. With many years of experience in several complex enterprise environments, we have the right knowledge to help you the best ways possible.

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